2 month dating anniversary present anthony callea is dating

Together, we'll keep shining, love burning brightly and days getting better. All these have come into my life these two months by virtue of your entrance into it. I want us to last forever and I hope and pray we make it. I have been the richest person in the world for the past two months because I have you, a valuable treasure and asset that is worth more than any other thing in this world. I no longer see the rain in the light of disappointment but as a phenomenon that helps to wash me clean and provide the beautiful rainbow for me to see. I have nothing else to say other than I love you, I always want you around me by my side, you’re the best, you’re my pill when I’m sick and you’re everything I want now and everything I ever wanted. We've played together, drank together and been together for this short and I know the longer the better. However, when you came along, I mean, when you came in, you brought down the firewall and rewrote the program of my life. Two months and still counting, we've been the best of couples, swimming in love and life. Before you worry about how long that would be, I just want us to relax and celebrate our love. This program was generated due to the effect of life experiences in my world prior to your emergence two months ago. Happy two months it has been since you said yes to me. Looking back, the past two months of my life have been the loveliest, and it's because you were in it.

I just want to let you know that I’m with you on this road to the future. Within these two months, I’ve gotten to know that you’re adorable, sweet, kind, special . I also want you to know that I would never, ever do that and I adore you. I struggled to find the right person who could solve the problem of the coldness of my heart but no one could. You, my dear, have been water to my thirsty soul and food to my heart that always yearns for satisfaction for the past two months. But coming from you, it can make someone go mad and wild.

Sounds ridiculous but I feel like a kid again being taken care of by you.

And having been with you for 2 months, you can guess how I feel.

With you, the world feels like a speck of dust to me. With you, I have no fear for tomorrow because I know that whatever happens, you’re going to be in it. Every empty part of me that grew deeper due to the harsh nature of the world we find ourselves have been filled totally with your never-ending oil of joy. I’ve found a friend that sticks closer than a blood relative, with whom I want to spend every second of the rest of my life with. Being a part of me for two months have been the best thing to happen to me in my life so far.

Love is never wasted, but this is to appreciate you for a deliberate attempt to love me for the past two months. For every time I’ve made you smile, you’ve done the same for me twenty times over. It’s amazing how about sixty days with you have made more impact on my life than the thousands of days I spent alone in this world before your arrival. I have had no regrets loving and being loved by you in the past eight weeks.

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