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We tried to keep these facts in mind while compiling our list of Arizona's 50 best – or, if you prefer, most essential – restaurants.

Our editors and food writers were instructed to consider not only their fine-dining fantasy spots, but also the comfort-food classics and down-home ethnic eateries that help define Arizona's culinary scene – not just in the Valley, but all over our vast state, staggering their lists to include lonesome gems in remote parts of Northern and Southern Arizona.

And I don’t want to be thinking of supernatural oddities every time I yell out to my daughter, who doesn’t even exist.

Nor do they exclusively dine in the prime culinary corridors of Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Local mushrooms foraged from Flagstaff forests accent crustless quiche or seasonal dishes like juniper-scented wild boar with ricotta and acorn squash puree.

Konefal has an excellent handle on the classics, skillfully adulterating shepherd's pie with creamy polenta and jazzing up butternut squash with coffee.

Valley food fanatics do not nosh on foie gras-stuffed quail alone.

Coppa's entrées are as rustic and charming as the eatery's mismatched chairs and "farmhouse glam" accessories.

” Then, I look upward, and see that his forehead is bleeding, too. And if that’s the case, then it’s a really good idea to be as up front as possible from the beginning–especially with new clients–and try to get all of the expectations out on the table–both theirs and yours.

Your client isn’t satisfied with the final product–what expectations did they have for the end result? And most importantly, they influence how you and your work are perceived. Similarly, an email list of 100 people, with 100 of those people opening them, does mean something.

Because if you’re really into me, you won’t want to just be friends.

And the acknowledgment that this is a date and not some lame attempt at “friends with benefits,” which I will never, ever do, cross my heart and hope to die.

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