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hey guys, i have a Dahua NVR2108 POE and a Dahua HDW4300c Am in right in saying that before i do anything, i need to connect a monitor directly to the NVR with vga/hdmi to setup an ip address so that i can connect to via remote access ?

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You're best bet now is to buy from Ebay/Amazon or source them locally.

Are dome ones better, in the sense of being more vandal proof than the other ones?

I really have no idea what I should be looking for, so will be trusting your recommendations. There is a wiki linked at the top of each page in this thread that has a lot of info.

Probably a good place to put that at the start of this thread.

Can someone give an update on buying Hik Vision cameras from overseas sellers since the recent new restrictions put in place? used to be a popular option on Whirlpool but Hikvision has cracked down on the 2 best sellers E&M and CCTV China.

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