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A properly implemented OHS program can be expected to reduce injuries and the associated costs of disability and lost production hours.

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Workers are included in the count if they are employed for more than a month.As noted in section 3.1(1) of the , if an employer employs workers in at least one moderate or high risk operation there must be a formal OHS program if the total workforce in all operations is 20 workers or more.For all other situations there must be at least 50 workers in the count before a formal OHS program is required. The hazard rating for a farm labour contractor is based on the hazard rating for the farming operations to which the FLC provides the workers.In April 2007, about 100 FLCs were listed, bonded for approximately 6,900 workers.Most FLCs provide services to the vegetable, berry, nursery, and greenhouse sectors, but some deal in other sectors such as poultry, tree fruits, and vineyards.

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