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Archbishop Marcello Bartoluccion, secretary of the Vatican Congregation for Saints' Causes, said the modification was meant to 'to promote heroic Christian testimony, (that has been) up to now without a specific process, precisely because it did not completely fit within the case of martyrdom or heroic virtues.' The Catholic Church has more than 10,000 saints, including 850 canonized by Pope Francis.Notable saints include Mother Teresa, author of most of the New Testament The Apostle Paul, St Augustine and St Patrick and Pope John Paul II.Last year, Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa a saint in front of 100,000 Catholics.Mother Teresa, the tiny nun who cared for the world's most unwanted and became an icon of the Catholic Church, was canonised at a ceremony in St Peter's Square.Panels of doctors, theologians, bishops and cardinals must certify that the cure was instantaneous, complete and lasting - and was due to the intercession of the saintly candidate.If convinced, the congregation sends the case to the pope, who signs a decree saying the candidate can be beatified.The process to find a new saint usually begins in the diocese where he or she lived or died.A postulator - essentially the cheerleader spearheading the project - gathers testimony and documentation and presents the case to the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Martyrdom, which stipulates being killed out of hatred for the faith, does not require a miracle.The Vatican announced on Tuesday that the pope has issued a new law outlining a new route: people who lived a good Catholic life and who freely accepted a certain and premature death for the good of others.This is the first change to the main sainthood requirements in centuries.The books estimated the average cost for each beatification at around 500,000 euros (0,000), with much of the proceeds going to a few lucky people with contracts to do the time-consuming investigations into the candidates' lives.Thank you for bringing this beautiful girl into my life, I will for ever be thanking you.

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