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Owumi was trapped in an apartment—on loan from one of Qaddafi's sons—for 16 days without food, water, or any connection to the outside world, while he listened and watched unspeakable acts of violence outside. You and your brothers are all princes but only one of you becomes king?

They did some remodeling on the arena, but it's the same place. It probably would've been impossible to focus on basketball if you realized you were playing in the gallows. AO: Well of course everybody's dream, at least if you're in basketball, is to play in the NBA. You can actually make a really good living doing this. There were four Americans on my team, and we went everywhere together. I had to hang out with them, I had to play with them, I had to see their pain in practice, their pain during the game, the fear on their faces. Because you're not just thinking about winning the game. If we didn't win, if I didn't perform at my best, they wouldn't be able to feed their families. When it skipped, I was like, "Well, I guess we're good." But then it came back to Libya. When I used to come home from practice, I would sit on the floor with her outside my door and speak English with her. But the mental and emotional outweighed the physical hurt a million times over. That's like leaving one bad situation and walking right into another.

Here's a passage from Owumi's book, in which he recounts a typical exchange with one of his teammates: "Moustapha said, 'If we lose another game, bad things will happen.' I said, 'What bad things? S., where he went to high school in Boston and played basketball at Alcorn State in Lorman, Mississippi.

His NBA dreams didn't pan out, and he ended up on the foreign circuit, playing in France and Macedonia before getting a lucrative offer from Libya.

So that seemed like a normal thing to do, to get job.

Growing up, I'd see my parents get up at 7 o'clock in the morning and go to work. How exciting could it be after playing basketball in all these exotic places?

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