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Are you constantly checking out your dates for marriage potential?

If so, chances are you’re taking dating too seriously.

The bottom line is, men understand that dating is fun.

If you date like a man, finding a new companion won’t be something to fill the time until you happen upon Women have got to stop seeing marriage as the ultimate goal, the Holy Grail.

Women, on the other hand, often end up choosing the first one or the worst one who asks for their hand. Adjusting Your Dating Attitude If you think dating is hell, you need to examine what you’re doing wrong.

Do you feel despondent every time a date turns out to be a dud?

I’ve seen hundreds of women go from scared and lonely to finding their one-and-only.

Let’s face it, you have to do some training to get yourself into shape for dating.

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If you walk around thinking that you’re too fat, too skinny or too old to attract a man, you probably won’t. You will find that there are guys who match every item on the list. Were there men in your life who gave you everything you wanted but still weren’t enough? People who have the hardest time doing this exercise are what I call the power brokers.

And all things being unequal, it’s time for women to break through the pink ceiling when it comes to romance.

For more than a decade I’ve been teaching my unique dating philosophy at seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions.

If you believe there are only gay, married or freaky men out there, the men you meet will be gay, married or freaky. Once you accept that dating can and should be fun, the days of worrying and searching will be over. They can pump out a business plan in two minutes flat, but ask them to list their needs in a mate and they’re stumped. They can be painful at times, but they act as self-protective mechanisms. In the coming months and years, you’ll continue to discover characteristics that are important to you in a date or relationship.

You must believe that the person you are looking for can show up at any place at any time. Can give advice and comfort when I need it Now, take five minutes to write which of the characteristics on your in your mate. Just as important, which needs didn’t they fulfill? The power brokers have an easier time describing what they want in an apartment or job than they do in a date or mate. They are pretty, but they can fall off the stem without killing the entire flower. Our thorns come out whenever we feel threatened and defensive. But you must refer to the lists every time a new man comes into your life.

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