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If the doctor suspects that the bone’s growth plate is affected, or if the bones are out of line, an orthopedic consultation will be necessary.Because children’s bones heal rapidly and well, a plaster or fiberglass cast, or sometimes just an immobilizing splint, is all that is needed for most minor fractures.In an “open” or “compound” fracture, the bone sticks through the skin.If the skin is intact, the fracture is “closed.” It’s not always easy to tell when a bone is broken, especially if your child is too young to describe what he’s feeling.The nice thing about young bones is that they don’t have to be in perfect alignment.

A “bend” fracture refers to a bone that is bent but not broken, and is also relatively common among youngsters.A broken bone in a child is different from one in an adult, because young bones are more flexible and have a thicker covering, which makes them better able to absorb shock.Children’s fractures rarely require surgical repair. They usually just need to be kept free of movement, most often through the use of a molded cast.Ordinarily with a fracture, you will see swelling and your child will clearly be in pain and unable—or unwilling—to move the injured limb.However, just because your child can move the bone doesn’t necessarily rule out a fracture.

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