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Rural drama, guest starring James Weaver, with Mark Jordon, Geoffrey Hughes and John Duttine Lone Witness Season 9 Episode 19/22A delivery boy at the local grocery store witnesses a murder and finds himself accused of the crime - but Jessica resolves to prove his innocence.

Angela Lansbury and Neil Patrick Harris star Quartet Season 5 Episode 5/6Morse investigates an assassination attempt at an international sporting event, but the case is very quickly closed.

Medical drama, starring Robert Daws, Amy Robbins, Wendy Craig, Ian Carmichael, Michael Starke, John Axon and Andy Wear True Confessions Season 5 Episode 3/4A woman's body is pulled from the river, reminding Frost that he investigated the death of her husband's first wife years ago.

Unfortunately, it turns out that a key witness's statement went astray during the earlier case - which leads to Frost being suspended from duty.

Discreetly continuing his enquiries, he is intrigued to learn the local priest recently heard a very disturbing confession.

Starring David Jason, Eoin Mc Carthy, Anthony Calf, Kenneth Cope and Isla Blair The Rose Queen Season 4 Episode 4/12Dr Weatherill is involved in an air rescue to save an unconscious girl and finds herself braving a cliff abseil to reach the youngster.

George Sewell guest stars in the classic comedy, with Leonard Rossiter and Frances de la Tour On the Second Day of Christmas Season 4 Episode 7/7Jeffrey and George get into the festive spirit by challenging each other to a game of computer tennis.He tracks down the culprit, who swears he has turned over a new leaf, and decides not to charge him - a decision that shocks fellow sleuth DS Maud, whose misgivings are later justified in tragic fashion.Starring David Jason, Peter Gunn, Susannah Doyle, Bruce Alexander, John Lyons and Gwyneth Powell No Room for Ravers Season 4 Episode 3/12A routine visit turns into a nightmare for Jill when she is taken hostage by a psychologically damaged ex-prisoner of war, who has barricaded himself into his house and booby-trapped the surrounding land with mines.Rural drama, guest starring James Weaver, with Mark Jordon, Geoffrey Hughes and John Duttine The Football Match Season 7 Episode 5/13The depot football team are promised substantial cash bonuses if they can win their match against the Basildon Bashers.However, Stan manages to injure his own side's star player and a surprise lies in store when they meet their opponents.

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