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Conwell developed her passion towards acting since her early age.

Within her early age, Angell Conwell developed a passion towards acting.

So I’m extremely careful because I know I have things to do.

It just takes the wrong person to get to your heart in the wrong way, and the whole trajectory of your life and your career can go a whole different way.

That’s how she starts to realize her issues with the holidays and her daughter.

Born in a tiny town of Orangeburg, SC, Angell Conwell began her journey at a very young age.

Besides this, there are no any records of her other relationships.

So because of that I’m extremely careful with who I let in my life in that way.

A good relationship can really help you but a bad one can truly hinder you.

I’m just focused on whatever I can do to push that forward. Because of that, it makes me less afraid to speak up. Well, when producers, directors and people who are making decisions, when they can’t seem to think outside the box, because it is a creative industry, when they can’t see you as an actress and you just played a character, it can be frustrating.

Whether that be writing my own projects or speaking up when I see certain things happening that I don’t agree with. You know, everybody deals with relationships and matters of the heart differently. I’ve always had love for him and I’ll always have love for him. But I understand it’s not abnormal for people to see you the way they have seen you. But I can’t expect everyone to have the same vision and think the same way I think, and I’m okay with that. I’m a Southern girl, so I love having a partner, a companion.

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