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Can you imagine him trying to deal with Americans in the early 21st Century, after the sexual revolution and women's liberation? The force that enables us to understand the spiritual world belongs only in the spiritual world; this same force causes all kinds of harm if it is directly and thoughtlessly transferred to the physical plane. It consists in making ones thinking independent of the physical plane.When this capacity is applied to the physical plane itself, it turns into deceit and dishonesty.In point of fact, among both women and men there is a great deal of confusion about the true significance of the erotic and sensual aspects of our human nature. It is just here in our self understanding of our more primal natures (the lower chakras: when we think about all our issues with food and nutrition, for example, we are involved in these dilemmas, not just when we think about sex)) that our civilization exists in a chaos of confusion and essentially bad information about what it means to be a woman or a man.One could say that this is also necessary for the development of the I, via the consciousness soul, but in the absence of new wisdom in the culture nothing here will turn out to the good.While Rudolf Steiner had a great deal to say in many areas of life, about this he clearly avoided the issues (no one was then ready).Steiner, by the way, had a few troubling problems with the questions of Eros.While the Christian Community can maintain the Sacrament of Marriage, it is not really yet able to provide true community building forces outside its own circles, and this includes the Branches and Study Groups which are the core social element of anthropsophical life. Marriages everywhere increasingly fail, following which people are unable to provide for themselves the natural intimacy that belongs to a healthy psychological (or soul) life.

These are necessary developments arising as a consequence of the current stage of the Evolution of Consciousness.

Women's liberation emerged from this transformation, and ultimately gay activism.

These were social and political challenges to the status quo of Western Culture, that were feared by many and embraced by many more.

Social dancing changed, such that erotic movements became more in style, which today in the commercially driven Pop and Rap Music Culture can be seen to have achieved a kind of level of clear excessive absurdity.

There is no Art in these dances, only an excess of individual expression and animal energies.

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