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Abri, (lieu où l'on eft en feu- reté) w^ p^e'ter, a fan^uary, any place where a Man is fafe.

US' Un Abri pour les Vaif- feaux, ^ Lee-fmre, afhcad, a cor- ner or creek where Ships are fafe.

Batir à chaux & à Sable, To build with Savd and Lime.

Rj" Aban- donner fa Maitrefle à tour le Monde, To prtftitute one's Mi- (irefs to all the World.

Accepticn, ac- ception of a word, Pâ° Acception de rerfonne, Rf.

A C C K5* Acceffoire (mauvais état) Ead condition or circury-fiance, pinch, firaight, Ac.eflbir C, .

The Grave marks the Falling or De~ preffton of the Faice, as in thefe Words, ad- jure, ado, eon jure, &c.

The Circumflex is a Compound of the other T^o, and marks the Elevatio'n and Falling of the Voice in the fame Syllable, as in thefe Words, connive, backbite : Bit Note, that the difference betwixt the Grave and the Circumflex is fo very fma S, and fo unheeded in Hnglifn, that roe have thought fit to make ufe of the Grave only. Faites faire ce- la à vos Valets (au lieu de dire par vos Valets,^ Bid y,ur Men do that. Sometimes it fi^nifies th Geftnre and Piflurc of the Body.

L'aban- don des biens du Monde, The auitîing^ or renouncing :he Gooas of this Hor! tj' Abandon (état de celui qui eft abandonnée.) Dcfolate Condition, the Condition of one for- faken or abandoned. Its' Ahznàon, the leavjn^f things S'abandonner à la Colère, To ar r,7?

can a Man do infuch a defo Ute Condition, or forlorn State ?

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