Are fossil dating methods accuracy

For most scientists all of this seems so obvious that it is difficult to question.

It goes against human nature to challenge long held ideas of truth.

If the geologic column truly represents a series of closely spaced catastrophic burial events instead of long ages of time, how can this feature be explained?

Certainly this seems like a difficult and rather mysterious problem for those, like myself, who might think to question the long age notion of the fossil record.

The scientific method can only disprove theories or increase the power of previous predictions that have yet to be disproved, but it can never absolutely prove anything to be absolutely true.

Therefore, the best thing to do in science is to continually question and test previous hypothesis and theories to see if they continue to hold up under scrutiny.

Since each of these layers seems so specialized it is easy to conclude that one type of creature gave rise to the next type of creature over the course of whatever time it took to form the various layers between them.

Radiometric dating and many other techniques are used to support the idea that this transformation process took tens and hundreds of millions of years.

Doesn't this fact support the notion that simple organisms evolved into more and more complex organisms over time, with the more complex organisms buried and fossilized above the earlier and simpler life forms?

Differences in the ability of species to distribute themselves across space have distinct consequences for the structure of communities.

Sites that encompass a greater area tend to have more species (Rosenzweig, 1995).

Many of the layers also show a certain specialization.

Some layers contain mostly fish fossils while others contain land-dwelling creatures such as dinosaurs.

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