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Companies like TÜV examine potential projects according to the Gold Standard criteria in the proposed locations and consults with the local population.

Additionally, the project design documents are published on the webpage of the UN climate secretary (UNFCCC) to make a worldwide hearing possible.

The project design document records the questions and answers from the hearings.

The additionality of the project as well as the amount of emissions to be reduced are crucial parts of the assessment.

In the end, only a small number of projects remain that meet atmosfair’s rigorous requirements.

Check to see what is (are) the relevant product groups and find out which materials and services etc. Then you can start the process of becoming one of our suppliers.

First you have to answer some qualification questions and fill out a questionnaire for assessment by our product group management team.

In 2019 the University will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

On 28 March 1919 Hamburg Parliament resolved to establish the Hamburgische Universität.

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