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i am losing my hair and need reading glasses so im not perfect either!! and yes, id rather be solo than be on the same boat, or blog, with any of you. unnecessarily criticizing someone who is being honest and true. i do have a few friends who are terrific women sailors but i'd be reluctant to refer them to your ad... unless of course you are only looking for a sleek pilates instructor/ trophy / airhead / bimbo , not a sailing companion and possible life mate ...??? if you are USCG licensed then you might want to correct the spelling of your handle on this board..i own and live on my 37' four stateroom cat presently in Anguilla but headed for St. Barths, Antigua, st kitts, nevis and back by early March for the heineken regatta. thanks for listening and hope to hear from you soon, peace. Yes, i am currently without "crew" so would be interested to learn more about you. My wife and i would love to join you, i make a good second mate, the wifes in charge and open minded.. i guess i need an education on how to post on forums, i cant spell, i have the wrong ages, etc.

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will be sailing from Bequia to Dominica, then to SXM/St. ha ha i cant stop laughing if you only knew how much fun it is to be doing something instead of commenting on what other are doing! i didnt realize i had to be so specific and that having a license required perfect spelling.

Maybe one day when I can do online medicine only..would be too cool!!

I think many people today are stuck on stupid with the way they think about how to find a relationship.

Barth in Feb-April, 2016 thanks Captain Mark im the clown, but im sailing the caribbean while u r all calling me names, so who is the solo sailor here? you surf the net for excitement, i surf canegarden bay, culebra and now anguilla, i just came back from elvis' in a driving rain storm and all you have for fun is poking fun at my offer for honest companionship? (the correct spelling was taken) i am not looking for a roommate, im looking for a companion, so sorry if im not politically correct but i am a really honest guy and thought id cut through the "BS and tell it like it is.

get a life you wanna be sailors, you have no clue what this is all about, so sit back and watch others like me go for the ride, while you eat your doritos and offer nothing but negativity and fear, you must be republicans!!! all is good here, im in st barths with a female friend and we are having a ball but she has to go back to the real world and i'd prefer a longer term companion, though im not complaining at this pointl cheers to all and have a happy holiday!!

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