It makes my cock feel so good." The pain had begun to recede and a feeling of fullness overcame me. I loved the feeling of his huge, hard cock deep in my ass. He said I was a "good little slut." He soon picked up the pace and I was in heaven feeling his balls slam against my ass.

Tyrone pulled his black cock out of my ass and told me to lie on my back. " I was overcome by the absolute necessity to taste his juices.

I almost went over the top when he started to fondle my balls as he did this. Tyrone told me how good I made him feel and he told me to lie on the bed. He reached down to scooped up my cum Good boy now cleanup your own cum from my fingers as I sucked each one clean.

He asked me "Don't you love this big, black cock fucking your man pussy? Tyrone chatted with me for a while and we shared a little of the whisky I had in the room. We agreed that we would meet again on my next visit to his city.

Once again I took his manhood in my mouth and slurped away. I knelt on the bed and he stood by the side of it and began to push his monster cock into me. I had prepared for this by using my wife's dildo when she was not home but it still hurt.

I would break off every now and then because neither one of us wanted him to cum right away. He would finger fuck me while I sucked him and this soon made me impatient to feel his black cock inside me. I remembered how it hurt the first time I was fucked all those years ago and also how good it began to feel after the pain receded. Once Tyrone had managed to get his whole black cock inside me, he let it rest there so I could adjust. He leaned over and kissed the back of my neck saying "your ass feels so tight.

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