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He shared this with those in his company and it was esteemed important because for approximately fifteen generations by this time in Armagh, people high up in both secular politics and the Church had maintained office within family hierarchies.

As a result, it was normal to nominate a successor to the seat of the archbishop by heritage instead of Church works.

Discipline, offering, tithing, giving of the first-fruits, and going to confession were things of the past; marriages were made illegally.He had requested permission from his holiness to end his days with his loyal friend Bernard in retreat at the abbey.Unfortunately, the Pontiff had only increased his responsibilities, making him Papal Legate for all of Ireland. In the modest settlement of Armagh, in the beautiful, sweeping, emerald lands of Northern Ireland, in the year 1094, a nobleman and chief by the name of Lector Ua Morgair and his well-cultured wife celebrated the dawning of new life in their son, Mel Medc Ua Morgair.As the years progressed, Malachy continued his studies under the mentorship of Imar (also spelled Imhar) OHaglan: a man who focused his teachings on renouncing earthly pleasures to preserve the eternal soul.Following in OHaglans ascetical footsteps, Malachy showed astute perception within the walls of the cathedral and the shabby cell beneath where OHaglan spent his days like a hermit.

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