Bow wow rihanna dating

And not only they wanna be you, in their mind they are you...

Read Full Story Bow Wow has already had a long career in the spotlight, ermerging on the music scene as Lil Bow Wow when he was just a young teen.

So now allegedly Bow is with Wintrr who is worse than Erica, I have always like Erica, people have always judged her and misunderstood her, she just wanted to be loved.

Wintrr on the other hand is extremely disrespectful, she was a bully on Bad Girls Club, she thought she was everything and she wasn’t and that’s why she was kicked off the show.

While the two friends were in town last week recording their December 4 joint LP, Face Off, they enjoyed some loud laughs when asked about their love lives — both current and defunct. "If I throw it at you, can you throw that a-- back? "We're going to make them respect our grind and our hustle, the both of us," Bow promised. They know it's in me to become one of the hottest MCs.

The real Bow Wow got wind of his MTV "cameo" and decided to respond to the episode by posting a video on BET's 106 & Park. It’s dope and it’s fly when someone wants to be you.Bow already dated Erica Mena who was also from a reality show and she was wild a$$ HELL but when she hooked up with Bow, she tamed herself down a bit and fell in love with the fine a$$ rapper.The two were supposed to get married but it didn’t work out.On Wednesday, the former child star revealed that he is the father of a young girl, Shai, who lives with his ex-girlfriend. Shad Gregory Moss) previously denied having a child, he wrote, "I waited so long to tell yall the truth because i was nervous on how yall would look at me."It sounds like fatherhood is working out well: The rapper elaborates at length on how much he loves his...Read Full Story Bow Wow hit the purple carpet at the premiere of Tyler Perry's latest movie on Tuesday.

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