Bristol palin dating the situation

She became (double gulp) an ambassador for the abstinence movement, and a well-paid one at that, apparently charging ,000 for speeches.

While the whole thing felt a little bit “do as I say, not as I do,” I don’t necessarily have a problem with someone learning from his/her own mistakes and trying to help others find a different path.

When I listened to Bristol’s description of her stolen virgin that’s what I hear—regret. She wishes that when she looked back on her first time certain pieces of it could be different. But even coming close to calling it rape just because you wish it hadn’t happened that way is a very dangerous precedent.

So, it never surprises me when I hear a young woman say “I can’t believe I did that, but you know, I was so wasted.” We have allowed alcohol to become an easy excuse and socially acceptable explanation for some who don’t want to admit that they to have sex.

She claims that she was drunk on wine coolers and that Johnston “stole” her virginity.

In truth, my first instinct was that this was a classic shirking of personal responsibility; “It’s not really my fault that I’m not a virgin anymore or that I got pregnant.” We send such mixed messages to young women about sex—we ask them to be sexy in skinny jeans and smokey eyeliner but tell them they’re sluts if they really want sex.

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