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They are looking for a partner who is intelligent, dependable, and consistent.

They do not usually get along with unconventional people.

If you have known him for a longer time, you must have noticed that he seems to have an impregnable wall around him.

Interestingly, Capricorns seem older and more mature in their youth and tend to grow youthful in their middle or older years.

It is unclear whether Capricorn individuals actually lack confidence when it comes to relationships, or are simple overly cautious to make sure they do not get hurt.

However, once a Capricorn finds his soulmate, he is into the relationship for a lifetime.

These individuals are hardworking, patient, ambitious,and more often than not, successful in their life. They care a lot about their public image and have more of a conventional outlook, than an experimental one.

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If you are thinking of dating a Capricorn man or a woman, note that they are very conservative and family-oriented individuals.A Capricorn's outlook and approach towards love is equally unique among all other signs of the zodiac.He is very reserved when it comes to expressing his love and feelings to his beloved.He will seem shy at times as is not as outgoing and outspoken as men belonging to other zodiac signs.However, he is reliable and dependable as a lover, friend, employee, or even as a business partner.

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