Cameron diaz and adam levine dating

It's safe to say that Levine's proposal didn't exactly go as planned.

The normally confident pop star was reportedly so anxious that his grand romantic gesture became super awkward and confusing.

"It wasn't an abrupt ending." However, their short break actually catapulted the two into the next step of their relationship.

By July, the on-and-off couple reunited and got engaged.

"[Levine] realized he really does love her and she was the one," another insider said (via ).

"They are in love." While the pop music hitmaker figured things out with his future wife, he apparently left his then-flame Agdal in the dark.

experience -- including whether she regrets leaking Sebastian Noel and Donathan Hurley's extra-vote plan to take out Domenick Abbate, and what frustrates her about the editing this season.

He has always been known as a bit of a ladies' man, having previously dated the likes of Jessica Simpson, Maria Sharapova and Cameron Diaz.

They later moved to a wicker cabana-type bed where they took their clothes off and began kissing.They were joined by the rest of the Maroon 5 band in a nearby parking lot where the production crew were setting up instruments for another scene.As they waited the group goofed around and chatted with Adam and Anne seeming perfectly comfortable despite both being semi naked.Anna, who walked the catwalk in the recent Victoria's Secret fashion show, wore only a see-through blue bra and tiny pink knickers while Adam showed off his toned physique and tattoo's in just a pair of pyjama bottoms.The couple then covered up in robes and slippers as they waited to film the next scenes.

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