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Now, I decided to loook for somebody in my conditions that wants to date.

I have stomach cancer and 54 years old, my older and only boy is schizofrenic, paranoic and chronic depression, two weeks ago he decided for second times commit suicide.

Also, being a survivor i realize more than ever that i don't want to live my life alone. Hello, I definitely encourage you to discuss dating on this board with others.

Like other life changing experiences, cancer can cause you to look at relationships differently and often presents new challenges.

They may have other ideas, too (And there's a phone number to call to get to chat with a real person). i find that i once was very outgoing and not shy, but now that my appearance has changed, i have a hard time making eye contact. i find myself thinking that no "healthy" person would find it in there heart to fall in love with someone who is as sick as i am. im 24 years old and the guys my age are more for going out and experiencing the party life, and here i am stuck in the house most of the day.

they also dont want to say that their girlfriend is bald and only has 2-7 years to live.

And even if someone did have cancer, he or she may not have the same experience from it as another person.

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CURE does not provide medical, diagnostic, or treatment advice.Also, I really don't think I'd want to date another cancer survivor, either.That isn't to say I'd completely rule it out, life happens, but.. Just doesn't sound like something I'd go for, personally. There is an online dating site that is designed for people who have had cancer, though it may have been created after this thread was started: Here's one source, a link to the "Get Involved" site for the American Cancer Society (They're the folks who maintain this site)...https:// are opportunities for volunteering and fund-raising.

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