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Available in black and white with white bowls (5B) or cream with jadeite bowls (5A).This model is the last with chrome tips where the beaters are inserted.The model 10 came out in 1950 and was the first Mixmaster with fins along with a new front grill.The base also is changed to bakelite and features an adjustment lever for moving the bowl platter depending on bowl size. The bowls for model 9 and earlier will NOT work with model 10 and later. Very late in the production run some chrome proto-types were produced.This style Mixmaster (M4) also known as A, B, C, F and H was the first one sold to the public by then Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. This mixer was cast iron and very heavy for its size and power (60 watts). I did come across a Sunbeam M4 with no letter designation which appears to be the very first Home Mixer by Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.It now has a great home in Connecticut with my friend Ed H. The juicer bowl screwed to the mixer head on models up to the M4F.

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This is a forum for people seeking a private sperm donor, or for men offering to donate.

There is also a model with a chrome bowl turntable.

Manufacture Date: Beginning August 1939 This model is first with the beater ejector. Production stopped during WWII and started again in 1946.

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Don't go ahead without a contract OR a clear understanding between all parties of what happens post-conception. There are frequent misunderstandings between donors and recipients.

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