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I wanted it so bad and I immediately started sucking on it, I could hear the guy in the next booth moan. I've experienced them in Chicago and San Francisco.

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They do a test run with photos so when we shoot we know that works and what doesn’t. In addition to what they send for self-promotion they also promote on their end, which includes over 130,000 followers on Twitter and 100,000 fans on Instagram.

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Screen direction is amazing, Steve is great and every production he learns a little more about the models and how they work, which makes everything flow smoothly! Michael is amazing as well, i am still very impressed every production with him staying so calm and in charge when there’s so much stuff to remember and to be taken care of. Production staff has been great, Steve, Bo, all the others have not ever made me think twice about signing exclusive with Lucas.we opended the door and there were two college guys. we sucked them and my wife fucked the both of them. it was a very nice experience for all of ussissyguyinpantyswhen I go to the gloryholes I wear panties and nylons under my jeans and a little cropped off tshirt under my jacket and carry a pair of heels in my jacket pockets.After I buy my tokens I go into the bathroom and switch shoes.Wonderful, every single person in the team allowed me to maximize my full potential as a model. I was truly impressed since the beginning how every single detail was planned, organized and communicated.Everything was clear so I knew exactly where I was heading and what was expected of me.

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