Christian man dating a muslim woman

I suppose I am nervous to ask him because I'm worried I will not like his answer, and we have only been together for a few months, although emotionally the relationship has escalated quickly and greatly.

For what it is worth, we are both American and he is of Indian descent. Thank you :)One thing to look out for is that once kids come into the picture, things become 10x more complicated than your current view regarding no qualms about raising the kids as Muslim.

'- we need to dive in and see what pearls we find.

Hopefully rather than just living with his spirituality consider living it- not for him or your relationship but for you.

But there's not enough time to be skeptical and in doubt, 'is there an ocean out there?

We are all human - we raise children to be the best type of humans based on our own personal philosophies.

Are you saying that you would actively raise your children to be Muslim when you do nto believe it to be the best possible philosophy?

etc.) to be 'sacrifices,' so I have no reason to suspect that they should bother me later on.

If anybody has been in either his or my position, could you shed some light on where this relationship might be headed/ what he is in it for?

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