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"A woman's confidence can increase after realizing that her appeal extends beyond her spouse," says Stella Resnick, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Beverly Hills, California. Swinging seems to fly in the face of everything we know that goes into a strong relationship.For Jenna, swinging is less about sex and more about camaraderie."I didn't expect to make such amazing friends, but you really bond with the people you swing with because you're so vulnerable," she says.With one exception: In one of the rooms, a group of women were hooking up.

"When I kiss women, it turns both of us on, but the only man I'll kiss is my husband—it's emotional and intimate," Jenna says.

"Talking about our fantasies and fears has really brought us closer," she says. it's incredible to be with someone else, then go home and be with your husband." Kayla, who describes herself and her husband, Edward, a 41-year-old technology manager, as "your average suburban conservative couple, active in our children?

s school and community," says she never imagined she'd swing.

They invited the couple over for dinner that night, having arranged for their children to sleep at a relative's house.

"I was in the middle of cooking when the wife grabbed my hand and asked, ' Would you mind if I kissed you? Things escalated from there, and they swapped partners.

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