Company of heroes validating problem

This often causes a wide range of application and operating system problems.Apparently your case is less severe, with only compromise to the actual game application.For instance, you found files here: C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes At that point, you should be good-to-go for a fresh installation of your game.You may find additional and specific information on the Co H Website, which you should consult before taking the steps described above. But when I run the Microsoft installer cleanup utility, the FAKEMSI files that appear on the list will not leave the list once I run the utility.

If you are having new problems with other applications and or System related problems, you may be in worse shape, requiring an effort to BACKUP to CD/DVD any valued documents, email, addresses, favorites, media and images.These files come up here C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp several COH emblems appear here with a code next to them.Also, the error code that comes up during installation also comes up here, but it has a folder emblem instead of the COH emblem. Also, I didn't know what you meant by the "actual files" several posts ago, but if this is what you meant C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes Then that is where my Company of heroes files are located.I than took a disc doctor to it and still the same result.I am running out of options I did see that i could download the file off of torrent sitesbut i feel like that would be contributing to piracy, i do on the other hand have the right to play the game i purchased. If there is a legal way to obtain the file If i would be in the right to download the file Or should i suck it up and play different games.

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