Conservative dating sites omaha christian dating network, founded in 2007, caters to cat lovers.

Trek Passions, part of a wider network of niche dating sites, is targeted at Sci Fi fans “including but not limited to lovers of Star Trek and Star Wars.”JDate, a network for Jewish singles, counts more than 450,000 users — equal to roughly 3% of the global Jewish population.

“I find it very hard to meet a conservative woman …

living in Los Angeles does not help either,” wrote a 57-year-old man.“I’m a social and fiscal conservative computer engineer born and raised in the People’s Republic of Iowa City,” quipped a 26-year-old woman.“Willing to lie about where we met,” wrote a 28-year-old woman from the progressive stronghold of Austin, Tex.

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Here is our list of rankings for the Top 20 Most Visited Conservative Websites.The truth is that no guy is ever going to get to know the inside if he doesn’t like what he sees on the outside first.Think of yourself as a product, and as that product — You’ve got to attract someone to take a bite before they are going to be sold on buying you. Not only is smoking a disgusting habit that wreaks havoc on your health and budget — But also, it limits the size of your particular dating pool by about 1/2.The page’s introduction echoes the sentiment, “stop wasting time with undesirables and sign up today to meet the conservative match of your dreams.”Contrary to “popular mainstream misconception,” says promotional material for the site, Conservatives is not made up of “only stodgy, over the hill people.”Indeed, the site’s sign-up page includes categories for virtually every race (including a joke entry for “Martian”) and a variety of religions ranging from “atheist” to “Jewish” to “new age/spiritualist.” Conservatives Only even welcomes same-sex relationships, but the gay pickings are rather slim.A Wednesday search showed only 16 entries in the “men seeking men” category and a rock-bottom three entries in the “women seeking women” category.

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    The success rate of CMatch is very high, where it boasts itself to have matched more than 130,000 Christian singles.