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Louis Institute of Music, where he remained until his death.

As a composer he is hardly remembered today - but if he were, it would be for his Psalm CXXVIII for solo, chorus and orchestra and other choral pieces. 121), violin and piano pieces and songs such as, Song of Consolation (1912)Estonian composer, who composition with Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Aleksander Ljadov, who though a composer in a wide range of genres is best known for his piano music as well as for his pioneering work as a collector of old Estonian folk songsone of Finland's internationally most successful composers, and she also leads an international lifestyle.

Samama has also been artistic adviser of the Centrum Nederlandse Muziek (1988-1993) (an organisation that promotes Dutch music) and advisor of the broadcasting company NCRV (1992-1994)an Italian composer, organist, choirmaster and teacher.

He counted Gluck among his students, and was himself a prolific composer of 3 operas, over 70 symphonies, concertos and chamber music, which show, the symphonies especially, the beginnings of a change from the brief opera-overture style and the introduction of a new seriousness and use of thematic development that prefigure Haydn and Mozart.

He is known only through a handful of contemporary references, one of which attributes to him the innovation of adding a seventh (AA) string to the bass viol.From 1960 he adopted more advanced techniques, including polyphonyalways a composer of extremes, for a time the most radical Modernist, then a master of ceremonies at 'nursery concerts', sao too in his new style he went to extremes, progressing beyond free-tonality to a sort of neo-tonality or neo-simplicity that is something quite different from 'traditionalism' or a 'return to the past'.One might call him unique among Finnish composers, a sort of musical dissenter.In 1976/77 he continued his doctoral studies with a Rotary Foundation Grant at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, and lectured on Dutch music in the 20th Century (a.o. Leo Samama has taught the history of music and culture (history of art, philosophy and aesthetics) at the Utrecht Conservatory (1977-1988), lectured on ‘Musical criticism in theory and practice’ at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (1987-1989), was on the faculty of the Musicology Department of the Utrecht University, specializing in Music of the Twentieth Century and Musical Criticism (1988-1992), was a critic at De Volkskrant (1978-1984) and a correspondent of the Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant/Handelsblad (1986-1990) (both leading newspapers in The Netherlands).Leo Samama was on the board of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam as the orchestra’s artistic advisor (1988-1994) and was head of the orchestra’s artistic department as a delegate of the board (1991-1993).

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