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Powdery-sweet vanilla-leathery fragrance, that’s how i can summarize this fragrance. The price this is going for on ebay is crazy at 0-0 and more.A good fragrance with decent performance to like 5 hours ! It's smooth as butter, interesting, and very romantic. On the right person I could see this as pure class. I guess it's some kind of addictive scent for some people. I planned to give it to my wife but she just refuses to wear a man's cologne.Midnight in Paris is a creamy almond benzoin/ vanilla perfume with touch of soft leather. And of course Bvlgury Black, which is an awesome quality scent and also reasonably priced.It is generally nice, slightly feminine but to me it smells dated and the huge alcohol blast in the opening is off-putting. I bought back up bottles when I started my fragrance journey and I thought I will use them up but, then I started buying more fragrances and now I got 4 back up bottles I will never use up. In terms of the smell itself from my experience this is one of the most gorgeous, posh, sexy and romantic scent my nose could imagine..I can picture it working for certain occasions in the winter, my thoughts might be biased because of the current market value, I would have given it a solid recommendation it if you could find it for like in the past If you are a fan of sweet powdery scents (Like me) you will definitely love This. شباهت این به یربامات لورنزو ویلروسی رو فقط کسی متوجه میشه که هردوکارو داشته باشه اولش فکر کردم ممکنه فقط تو شروع اینطور باشه اما هرچی گذشت من از میدنایت این پاریس جز بوی چای ماته و بوی ادکلن نیش و سبز یربامات چیز دیگه ای حس نکردم!تنها تفاوت جزیی اینکه میدنایت گرم تره و مقداری دود و عود داره درحالیکه یربامات سبز سبز سیزه و سرشار از روایح سبز و چای ماته!Among them you can find accentuated lily of the valley and citrusy notes with luminous lemon.Its dark aura arises from tonka beans, while incense adds a mysterious note. It angers and upsets me that this is no longer available (disregarding the ridiculous prices of the bottles still in circulation).

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The comments I'd gotten from this was that it is too feminine for a man and I'd agree. It smalls of very soft leather and tonka with sweet notes from amber and marzipan.

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Don’t know why it reminds me of Lanvin- Arpege pour homme which i have ! So I'm going to sell or trade my 2.5oz bottle of Midnight in Paris EDT (85-90% full). I hear Bulgari Black is similar to MIP, but more masculine, even though that's a unisex fragrance. I have a large collection and my tastes vary, but mainly I prefer masculine fragrances.

@cvaile I hope VC&A reads your comment and brings this masterpiece back. And for the money a bottle is going for now you can snag, say, Tom Ford's "Tuscan Leather" and really get a bang for your buck.

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