Dating an israeli guy

So to the assertiveness of men the Israeli women answer with a defensive attitude that would make the Amazons look like a bunch of subservient housewives.

Here women expect men to step over the line and to pursue them to exhaustion.

While in other countries, the amount is divided through the first dates, here what you pay first is what counts.

In Israel it’s normal to ask a poor smuck to pay 200 shekels for drinks while his date barely knows his name, and he can’t even call her a gold digger.

This country is, socially, a feminist experiment gone terribly wrong, and exacerbated by ethnic conflicts that impose limitations and illusions that are unbreakable without the individuals moving to different countries.

There is a reason why Israelis who move away from here because they couldn’t live with the way things are here, don’t even want to socialize with other Israelis abroad.

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It’s just that here, because it’s a small country, any upset in the balance of Nature becomes a disaster very quickly. Somehow, the infrastructure hasn’t collapsed yet, but I am guessing this is only because there are enough Russians and others from former Soviet countries here who do have some idea of a civil society, and why it’s not a good idea to let the water and sewage system go too far into disrepair.

What I am trying to say is that Israel is not just not a western society. Most of the problems from the government down to the treatment of workers are because there is no such thing here as a social contract, neither explicit nor implied. Were it not for them, I am pretty sure this would be an Arab country.

If you are an Oleh Chadash make sure to state your condition.

English or bad Hebrew just make you sound like a tourist who wants to look at the view before he leaves.

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