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Scared and confused, she turned to her parents for their succor, but instead, they revealed that she was adopted.

They informed Bo that they knew nothing of her origins and that the only trace they had of her past was a baby photo of her with the name "Bo" written on the back.

" Although the two Fae leaders of the local territory, The Ash and The Morrigan, were uncertain about Bo's decision to remain neutral, Trick convinced them to accept it in order to find out who had been responsible for concealing her existence for so many years.

During her first sexual experience, she involuntarily killed her high school boyfriend by draining him of his Chi (life energy).

Only to find that I belong to a world hidden from humans. She was taken away from her father's reach as an infant and left with a human couple that adopted and raised her.

Born in Hel, Bo is the daughter of Hades and his prisoner Aife.

It was not until she was helped by the Light Fae's human physician and scientist that she finally learned what she was and how to control her chi-draining powers.

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