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The Grand is accessible to patrons using wheelchairs and provides devices for hearing impaired.At Galveston - Port Bolivar Ferry, more than 8 million passengers travel annually across the Corpus Christi Channel.With the ability to carry up to 20 passenger vehicles, the ferry is an easy and convenient way to travel.Hurricane Ike killed 40,000 trees on Galveston Island, and so Galveston Island Tree Conservancy was formed to help turn the dead trees into sculptures including 3 Pelicans and Fish, Alligators, Angel Cradling Bunny, Angel with Lambs, and Dalmatian. Rod rentals, bait, cold refreshments, food, snacks, and alcoholic beverages are available at 61st St. There is an observation deck to view the Gulf of Mexico in addition to the extensive pier space for general fishing.

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Grand 1894 Opera House is one of the few remaining theatres of its era in Texas and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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