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[…]The Orphists were fascinated by the technological progress of the modern world.Delaunay’s "Homage to Blériot" is a testimony to the skills of the airplane constructors – the new heroes of a modern epic fantasy.Robert Tischler, the chief architect of the German War Graves Commission from 1926 to 1959, decisively shaped the character of German war cemeteries at home and abroad.Interestingly, the size of the oeuvre does not correspond to the very few facts we know about the author.[…]By looking at German art historian Ludwig Grote’s efforts for internationalization, which can be traced back through his active involvement with art in and from Brazil, this article sheds light on the problematic relationship between established narratives of Modernism and the diverse archival layers of information accessible today.[…]The article analyzes the loss of interest in the study of human anatomy through dissection of cadavers that characterizes the Baroque period, and that distinguishes the Baroque from the Renaissance and from Neoclassicism.[…]The US and German military cemeteries in Italy differ greatly from one another in style and message.Art-historical methods along with historical research are used to explore the ideological character of each nation’s cemeteries.

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