Dating pathological liars and nlp

You should know if the guy does not mean harm deep down...

so it could just take a lot of patience and forgiveness for a while.

So a little bit more of the habit has been shaken up.

I’ve also made it clear that we are the process of rebuilding trust as a natural consequence of his deception (this is when he asks when I’m ever going to trust him again.

Please take a look at two different viewers’ attempts to deal with a compulsive liar.

These strategies may not work for everyone, but hopefully they give people some options and ideas about how to cope with a compulsive liar.

Once he didn’t, I’d present the indisputable evidence. That was the only admission of guilt I would get, but I accepted it. So after I developed a pattern of confronting him with evidence, it became harder for him to automatically offer a lie as an explanation because there was a risk that I had done/would do more research to confirm the truth.

So at least at that point he would second guess his decision to just make something up.

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