Dating timex watches

It’s even got the current field thoroughly beaten in at least one category: battery life.While digital watches could always do more than just tell the time, they often lacked some subtlety in design.Here’s a quick rundown of all the features packed into this not-so-modern technological marvel: The watch receives all of this data from the PC wirelessly. Although Bluetooth was invented the same year the Datalink was released, the first devices to use the now-ubiquitous wireless protocol were not released until 2000.The Datalink’s wireless technology really has to be seen to be believed.It turns out that crazy engineer’s data transmission hack only works with CRT monitors.Oh, and the Datalink software will only run on a 32-bit Windows PC.

I got my Datalink brand new in 1995, when Microsoft was offering them as a mail-in bonus with the purchase of Microsoft Office 95.I’m here to review a device that long precedes the current popularity of “wearables.” Decades before the elusive 0 “Microsoft Band,” Microsoft partnered with Timex to develop the world’s first smartwatch: the Timex Datalink.Released in 1994, the Timex Datalink was the first watch to synchronize personal data from a computer.As in, I actually cut out the UPC “proof of purchase” from our boxed copy of Office 95 and physically mailed it in with a rebate form.Six to eight weeks later my Timex Datalink arrived.

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