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You can also try volunteering for a few programs to see if anything fits your skill set and interests you.Doing activities that you care about can make you feel more confident in yourself which is always a win.Finding ways to talk to each other is a huge part of being in a more mature relationship.When your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is talking to you, really listen.To end a relationship you can say, "I've really like dating you, but I think it would be best if we ended our relationship." Establishing a good work ethic now can help you once you are out of school and in the workforce.

Although hormones and brain development can make self-control a bit more challenging during this time, practice making thoughtful decisions.

Time management and efficiency are important skills that come in handy as you get older.

Learn how to budget your time efficiently by paying attention to how long certain activities take so you can plan your tasks accordingly.

Sometimes we are too busy thinking about our response to actually hear what they are trying to say.

Don't worry this happens to everyone at some point.

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