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Signific ANT Other: Chyna finally agrees to go on a date with Fletcher, but Chyna believes their relationship has became too serious too fast so she asks Lexi for advise and suggests to break up with him. She is the main mod of this page and she is also the main person who makes Flyna userboxes. Drauslly~ Flyna Co-Leader/Leader now that @Mhana23 is barely around :(. Met andere woorden, de i Phone X kan in seconden geactiveerd worden met gezicht detectie dankzij de 3D infrarood sensor.Op deze manier werd de beveiliging op een hoger niveau gebracht.We onthullen hier alle belangrijke innovaties op de nieuwe toestellen van Apple.Het Touch ID is nu een ding van het verleden en in plaats daarvan komt het innovatieve Face ID.She is more of a supporting admin on this page and will not stand for shipwarring. She is the main person who writes Flyna fanfictions. De geruchte keuken kan tot rust komen, omdat de nieuwe Apple smartphones er zijn!

Wij zijn van mening dat hij ook in Europa en in Nederland echt populair zal worden.Hospital Pati ANT- Fletcher becomes deathly sick, and has he's on his death bed, Chyna holds his hand and kisses him, as he is dying, suddenly right before he dies, he becomes alive again, because he finally got his life long wish and they begin to date. When Fletcher first met Chyna he instantly fell in love with her, he tries to impress Chyna many times but it doesnt seem she notices she likes him till Some Ench ANTed Evening when he sent her an airplane that smoke came out of it saying "I Luv You". Because that's the day Signific ANT Other aired wich was their first date. Chyna later tells Fletcher that there's this artistic guy she's interested in and she was wondering if she should ask him out.Even though Chyna may not seem to like Fletcher in return, but in Endur ANTs Flynatics believe that she about to say she likes him, and in Signific ANT Other it proves that Chyna cares about him and doesn't want to hurt his feelings, though nobody knows they seem to have many attractions toward eacother, Dan Signer the creater of the show has also greenlighted flyna in an article but it got deleted so their wouldn't be any spoliers. Replic ANT: Chyna falls for a new student in the A. Fletcher thinks Chyna is talking about him and tells Chyna to ask him out.De gehele behuizing is van glas gemaakt, terwijl het frame van roestvrij staal is gemaakt.Deze combinatie zorgt voor een onweerstaanbare look.

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