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Dedicated to teaching and coaching his entire professional career, Paul Hogan has been recognized as one of the premier instructors of the game of basketball in the New England area.The Lynx defeated Golden State Baptist of Santa Clara, Ca.She even read us her hate mail she receives from several of her You Tube viewers and advised “Haters back off.” The fans were ecstatic about the meet and greet afterwards.

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” It was a great night filled with laughs and loud cackles as he talked about childhood popularity and being an awkward adult in the clubbing scene.Paul's commitment to teaching the game of basketball to players of all ages is at the heart of the success of his basketball camps.He is presently the Men's Basketball Coach, Athletic Director, and a Professor in the Sports Management Program at NHTI, Concord's Community College in Concord, New Hampshire.At exactly pm, Megan Mackie, Sara Sweeney, and Michael Croal (ACE’s President and Vice Presidents) took the stage to introduce Gym Class Heroes.Travie and the band stormed the stage and cranked out their first hit, “Cookie Jar”.

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