Diablo profile not updating

I copied your master profile and using all of your scripts.i have to do 63gr to be able to stay alive since its acting like a tank instead of the glass cannon it is.edit: I just got it: 75 yards is the max range on my monitor...

diablo profile not updating-45

Please fill your Current Address, Current E-mail Address, Current mobile Number and other details in it.i'm paragon lvl1509 now and i can't go over 73 Grift with all caldessans level 74.i'm full build based on multishot from but the script sucks badly, no offence but none good. The bot doesnt want to keep its distance and keeps dying becasue it vaults close to monsters before trying to shoot..https:// Add Impale (Chain of Shadows) and rework on Vault.Completely rewritten and modified version of "theage"'s script. umm bro you got some serious work to do lol the bot is using the prep way more often as a result its loosing a shit load of dps you may want to look in to the link I send below thats a script that was made last year and to this day it still works hell of alot better look in to it make a bot profile of the avoidens and fast mode :) you golden : D https:// yeah, the script needs serious work out, the freaking thing stays while lasers butcher the DH, explosions all that crap just keeps blowing and DH just sits around and taking the hit.

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