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No one has ever, ever, ever seen or felt such movement (nor seen or felt the 67,000MPH speed of the Earth's alleged orbit around the sun ...

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To suspend this common sense geocentric perspective and assume that it's actually the Earth revolving beneath us daily while rotating around the sun yearly is quite a theoretical leap.

But if that's the case then heliocentric dogmatists run into a whole other host of problems.

For instance, if both the Earth and its atmosphere are spinning 1,000 miles per hour West to East, then why don't pilots need to make 1,000 mph compensation acceleration when flying East to West?

If the atmosphere is constantly being pulled along with the Earth's rotation, then why can I feel the slightest Westward breeze but not the Earth's 1,000 mile per hour Eastward spin?

"In short, the sun, moon, and stars are actually doing precisely what everyone throughout all history has seen them do.

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