Edison chen dating history

Edison Chen(陳冠希) has always been known as a playboy and he changes his girlfriends faster than he changes clothes.

After he broke up with his Taiwanese ex-girlfriend Ann Hong(洪文安), people have been paying close attention to his relationship status.

(ahmike.com) Edison's private Instagram account has many intimate pictures of himself with Shupei.

One of the pictures is Shupei leaning her head on his shoulder.

陳冠希/Edison Chen is a popular Hong Kong Chinese teen idol.

He was an artist of the Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG).

She married Huayi Brothers Media Corporation(華誼兄弟時尚)'s managing director Leigh Gow(趙磊) 3 years ago.

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The song "嘥氣" (Waste of Breath) describes the assault incident Edison encountered before.Seeing how he failed to receive any recording contracts within Canada or the States because of his Chinese ancestry, he later returned to Hong Kong, and with the help of his father and networks, he was able to make it big, signing a deal with the EEG company. Career Chen has starred in many films including Infernal Affairs II and Twins Effect.Since then, he has sold over a million in CDs, involved with numerous films and advertisements, including Levi's Jeans and Samsung Cellphones. He also sings cantopop and can speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.He owns a lifestyle company named CLOT, which works with labels and artists from all around the world gathering them all together in unison in the Greater Asian region, although they are based in the Hong Kong region.Edison's official online blog states that "He is just a normal everyday guy like you, but only his job is to entertain…" In Canada, he searched for a successful way to become a celebrity.

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