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Despite the hectic pace, we feel very safe from crime here.People leave their apartment doors unlocked in Seoul, including us, and park their bikes on the street without locks. map puzzle where she points out the states where mom grew up (Texas), Dad grew up (Florida) and where she was born (Washington, D. She also remembers her friends and our friends from the U. and points them out in pictures, but she doesn’t seem to think it’s out of the ordinary that they don’t come around.Cars and buses drive really close to the curb, and people ride motor scooters fast on the sidewalks.Eva nearly got pummeled by a moped one time in front of a grocery store, and the rider threw us serious shade for it, like it was our fault that he barely missed hitting a toddler while speeding on the sidewalk!

On being Chinese-American in Korea: My parents immigrated to the U. from China and Taiwan before I was born, so I grew up with one foot in each culture — American and Chinese.

Two-year-old Eva has become an expert at taking off her shoes off everywhere she goes and putting them away in the right place.

Our apartment has built in shoe cabinets and a centralized vacuum system, both of which are common here, to cater to the clean floor obsession.

You simply plug the hose into the wall and the dirt miraculously gets sucked away.

Our building also has radiant floor heating called , a tradition in Korean homes for centuries, so your feet are never cold. On living in a bustling city: The pace of life in East Asian cities is astonishing, especially when you first arrive.

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