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What you are about to read is a new discovery that proves the Torah tells the literal truth, a decoding system that uses a crossword puzzle system to decode English using consonantal Hebrew.A set of evidence that explains why Torah and True have the same consonants.What you are about to read is going to sound like the most futuristic science fiction about light entities gods who write DNA programs and can read and affect our thinking.But I assure you it’s as true as anything you have ever read.The God within The incredible designs of life and the complexity of the programs is clearly revealing the designer…

En cliquant sur le site ou en le parcourant, vous nous autorisez à collecter des informations sur et en dehors de Facebook via les cookies.It records everything and forgets nothing like a camera but far more sensitive, it records everything in detail which includes the temperature and the wind, and cloud formation but… In other words what happened on the first Tuesday in May 5 years ago is recorded meticulously which god can accesses readily but we who record it have no access to it. It ought to be clear that someone else is using the information, God’s computer is collecting and using the information, god is able to read our mind and ‘suggest’ ideas, (like face book, google etc but far more detailed) ‘god knows the heart of man’.Like the song says: god controls ‘the windmill of your mind’.This conclusion is based on the linguistic and the scientific evidence coupled with my experiences.The answers to my questions were often involved culling out some lost memory as the answer, in this way I ‘experienced’ the answer.

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