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Both probably stemmed from extreme emotional overload, a trait I seem to attract. at that two week mark, the pressure of the fast pace, literally caused her to have a meltdown. she cut all contact with me and deleted her profile from the site.

Not surprisingly he ended the relationship because we lived too far apart and he didn't like having to make plans to get together due to work schedules and whatever. We saw each other a couple of time a week and slept over on alternate weekends when her kids were away. she said that i needed to give her some space and she would come back around when she cleared her weren't even dating and she broke up with me. I seem to attract every FRUIT LOOP in the UNIVERSE.

Anyone who tells me they love me, are crazy about me, want to marry me, need me or anything like that before like 5 or 6 months, for the most part. We had hardly had sex more than a couple hundred times. i met a woman on this site and we agreed to take things slow, but our immediate compatibility and capacity for strong emotions soon had the best of us.

On the second date I was told I am to date him exclusively?Wait a minute, it takes me longer to commit to a relationship and he was already talking about us getting married. I would definately become the Run Away Bride if that happened with him. Now, I am trying to keep one foot grounded and not rush into a relationship right away.Now I am playing the field getting to know each and every one and eventually weeding out the ones that I have little interests in.His FINAL message was and I quote : 'I'M GOING MAD, MAD, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAD !!! They believed to date too long would give you an excuse to find something wrong and look for something better which can never really be achieved.And if you can't come away with me, can I come over and watch some t.v. ' Needless to say, I didn't even bother with a response, my flesh CRAWLING I could practically imagine him at my door dressed up like WORF what's his nuts, the Klingon from Star Trek, wearing some TACKY JEDI ROBE, swinging a LIGHT SABER at me as he clings to a photograph of NURSE RATCHET. ~waves bon voyage with handkerchief ~Went on one date with a guy off this site - ONE date and by the end of the date he was talking about how he wanted me to pick out all the details for the house he was building help him furnish it - how he wanted a one on one with me and how his daughters would love my son - RAN like a SCARED rabbit from that one - he still sends me creepy emails on here My next door neighbor met her husband at a dance, they got married the next week. They admitted that that "piece of legal paper" did force them to try and work out issues instead of getting their clothes and dissapearing when they got pissed at one another.

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