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There are no penalties for cancellation and you may cancel at any time.Upon cancellation, you retain access for the rest of the month already paid for.In these ZIP codes, ABC, FOX, and NBC may offer an alternative On Demand version of the channel(s) instead, with catalogs of top programming for the channel.

You will not be charged for your multi-channel plan or individual channel subscription during the free trial period.

Check which broadcast channels are available live or On Demand in your area by entering your zip code at

See for football schedule and alternate viewing options.

For consumers in some zip codes, live-broadcast feeds for ABC, CBS, FOX, and/or NBC are not available on Play Station™Vue.

ABC, FOX, and NBC each offer an On Demand channel which provides top programming but does not air live sports. In some areas, the live FOX channel is a national FOX channel which offers national programming instead of some local daytime, news and sports programming. Check which broadcast channels are available live or On Demand in your area by entering your zip code at

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