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But I don't fuck the singer like she did, and I charge more than her! tommytoomy (70) How did you manage to have a child?

Well, now she is a stay-at-home mum and I have got her job. That's why she's the stay at home mum while I work. You'd have had a bloody good time with the two of us!

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He couldn't use his real one, because he and Polly had mailed each other a few times two years ago and she would find out who he really was. He tried XXXXX with the same result, but he was offered XXXXX1372, which he accepted. First I want to thank you for being so trusting and kind to me. Actually I really want to thank you for chatting to me, you cheered me up a lot especially when you said I was beautiful (which I am not! Because it is Gran's anniversary I am feeling a bit sad.

I hope you understand, my angel.' # When he got back to his flat he turned on his PC and thought about his e-mail address. He tried to set up a new mail account as XXXXXX, but it already existed. I bust up with my boyfriend after Gran died and that also means I don't see my old gang of friends any more, in fact I have to work to avoid them, so I don't have many people to talk to about stuff.

' He rubbed his cheek, pushed his nose to one side, then let it spring back.

Tim Bloomfield put a sketchbook, soft pencils, stanley knife, eraser and pens into a plastic carrier bag, walked carefully down the stairs from his flat, let himself out of his front door tucked between a pizza restaurant and an estate agent, and crossed the road under a hot June sun to the entrance of Reading old cemetery. Her hair was dark brown, eyes black, and lips vermilion; high cheekbones.

I'll look after her like a granddad, not like before when I didn't know who she was.

copperygirl: (32) I won't go into details, but you surely missed out by not being around at the time.

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