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The movie has progressed to one of the girls riding the big solid cock with some nice close up shots.

I always get really turned on watching as I fuck my own pussy in a mirror and it's even better looking at another woman's tight hole being stretched open, seeing that slick cock enter her over and over, getting more coated with her juice.

She would describe it as being so animalistic." After a minute's pause with me having no idea how to respond to that she continues: "I have only touched a bit but felt so guilty that I stopped."I scoot back on the sofa, take out the sticky cock and move my panties back to cover my drooling bare lips. Trying to assure her I say, "I promise it will be amazing and that I will never tell.

Take off your jeans and top and let me help you have a great time."She slowly obliges and sits opposite me in only her white cotton undies.

I am surprised to see her wearing a g-string but decide not to comment on it.

" I ask."I want to touch mine, it looks so good.""Try this," I order, pulling my panties up between my lips so only the outer ones show."Keep looking at them, see how she's licking the other girl's clit. I could never imagine that this would make me horny..."Welcome to your first orgasm, now remove your panties and do exactly what I do," I demand of her.This is so kinky, ordering this little girl around, telling her what to do with her pussy.I pull my jeans down under my ass and pull my saucy pink g-string aside.I reach out for my blue, spiky, fake cock and put it against my clit to feel the vibrations. A blonde girl walks into the porn scene and plops her pussy over the guy's mouth, begging for a deep tongue-fuck.

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