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While the study's authors note this increase is "smaller than conventional wisdom might predict," it's still quite significant.Children born in the 1980s onward are also the first to grow up in a world where they have access to the Internet beginning in their teenage years, and this early exposure and access to Internet pornography may be the primary driver of the increase. Pornography is regarded by some as one of the driving forces behind the expansion of the World Wide Web, like the camcorder VCR and cable television before it.UK Pride status does not provide us with any extra funding, money or staff.Therefore every donation to our Charity, really does count towards putting on an event to make the UK PROUD!On the Web, there are both commercial and free pornography sites.The bandwidth usage of a pornography site is relatively high, and the income a free site can earn through advertising may not be sufficient to cover the costs of that bandwidth.

This was possible in the late '80s and early '90s through the use of anonymous FTP servers and through the Gopher protocol.

Follow our website for full details of our Pride event.

Why not also look into our special VIP packages available and make Pride 2018 an event to remember. Pride is grateful to our Headline sponsors and supporters who ensure that we can maintain Pride as a free event.

If you are able to, please feel free to donate towards the event to help us put on the best possible event for everyone as possible.

In only our second ever year as an organisation, we have become a registered Charity and our Charitable aims can be found on our website.

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