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These can then be studied by manually clicking thru the cards or using an automatic timer set to any chosen interval, either in random or alphabetical order.

This program now includes integration with Text to Speech and flashcards can now be read out by the Microsoft agent characters.

Now get the basic version for FREE, no purchase necessary, or try the pro version for a free 30 day trial.

Includes full logging capabilities, an auto-hide feature and a handy stopwatch which accurately times your downloads and reports the average transfer rates, plus full compatibility with all current versions of Windows.

The simplified, clear and comprehensive help menu makes it a tool which can be mastered in minutes by almost anyone.

Academic Flash Cards is endorsed by many educators and is considered to be one of the simplest and most useful study programs available. Clip Cache Pro - an easy to use and powerful clipboard extender, instant text cleanup, & keyboard macro utility that quietly sits in the system tray monitoring clipboard activity.

Its servers are based in France and so you are given an IP based in France for your Internet connections.

I found the browsing fast enough for similar services.

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